Our Need To Want More

Do you ever go to the store for something and come home with more than you set out to get?

Are you the type of person who cannot go shopping without coming home with way more than you need?

Why do we tend to have this need to want things that we don’t really want?


Why do some people just go out for one item and come home with one item? My husband is just like that.  He goes to the shop for milk, coffee and the paper and comes back with milk, coffee and the paper.  I go to the shop for milk, coffee and the paper and I come back with milk, coffee, the paper, bread, chocolate, croissants, juice, apples….  you get the idea.

So I’ve decided I’m now only going to buy what I set out to buy and see how I get on.  Get only what’s on the list!  No extras!  I’m going to see what different it makes to my day/week (if any) and in about a month or so I’ll let you know what I’ve discovered.

In the meantime if you have any words of wisdom or scientific findings on why some people do and some people don’t then please share in the comments below.

Happy shopping!  🙂


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