Good Enough Is The New Perfect

Yesterday’s blog post was a tough one due to a very hectic day.  It got out there, but only just!  I’m soooo glad today’s topic is about imperfect action because it makes me feel a whole lot better about yesterday.  If I didn’t decide to go with imperfect action yesterday then there wouldn’t have been a Day 6 post.

procrastI like things to be perfect and I’ve learned over the past few months that can so easily lead to achieving nothing.  It’s difficult to just let it go because it’s good enough rather than wasting way too much time trying to get it absolutely perfect.  It’s getting easier to do but I’m still wary of it!  And here’s the thing….  It might never be perfect.  Then there’s the scenario where I think I can’t do x or y because the timing isn’t right – it’s just not the perfect time.  I procrastinate. Here’s the other thing I’ve learned…. there is no right or perfect time.  Just get started!

So I’ve decided to up my game a bit and give this imperfect action thing a real go.  I’m enjoying the blogs and the challenge (not withstanding the imperfect action) and have decided my challenge, should I choose to accept it, is to continue writing and posting daily blog posts until the end of this month and see where it takes me.  Who knows I might end up a full time blogger!

Wishing you all a Happy Friday and Happy Blogging!

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7




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